hi, i'm vernon howl

Obama, President of the Ghosts.

Whoa there could not be a more random “Followed by” on the Ikea USA twitter feed of people I follow.

Jim Druckenmiller.

Dude in turquoise is 0-4 in ‘the scramble’.

Full mother-effin’ games. The Orlando RAGE vs. the Memphis MANIAX.

Just unbelievably great brands. And now… gone. For what?

XFL - YouTube

Wow, one could really lose a day or two so easily, you know?

This is actually two screenshots. Whoops. Follow me if you want @vernonhowl. I like to tweet.

I’m coming home

I am going to get back into Tumblr. I actually don’t know why I left. My next post is gonna be a screenshot of a series of tweets I did today about my eating habits. Stay tuned.

This would be difficult to mashup with anything, I think.

Mashup has 525 views in a little less than a year. I’m not familiar with Cheryl Cole.

I like football.

(Source: glitche.com)

Oh, 8 Tracklist (forthcoming, 2015 / never)

White Whim
Michael Jordan on the Wizards
Magazine Dragons
The Silence Pilots
Hollywood Wally
Window Sister Sadness
Xerox Bounce
6.1 (Let’s Have Some Fun)
Whitecisman ⬛-Dance
Red Explosions
Y Wouldn’t U?
Confusion at Arby’s
Cave Wizards
Japanese Maniac Symbol

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