hi, i'm vernon howl

The U2 debacle was so fun you sort of forgot you were subjected to some comically bad music against your will. S/O to the guy who called the webpage "SOI Removal." Sounds unnecessarily clinical. Also, are we sure SOI had reached acronym-worthy level? 

My music zine is folding, I think.

Yesterday I was looking at a vine on twitter dot com and I stopped the vine by clicking it and it paused on this experimental image wow this is some man ray shit happening I thought maybe I’ll use it for an album cover haha I say that a lot.

This is my super-cutting “vh” facebook logo. Wow, so cutting. He flipped that shit on its side and put a Helvetica “V” to make it look his initials. Genius.

Now is the time to remove the unwanted from your life to purify your family. Strong work and a small diet will go far to make the wonders a reality. What it can be may seem like a mirage but I have seen it and it is real. It is in songs and movies and websites and especially organization. In a week of pain and no sleep we learned of the path and now is the time to take action. 

Here is a gif I made that is actually an album cover for an album that doesn’t exist yet. I am hoping this is going to be my 100th album though, a double record called 23. Forthcoming, tentatively ~2019.

I am making an album version of Nietzsche’s The Gay Science. It’s an abstract interpretation; the music isn’t important. I really need to nail the visuals. Right now, I am leaning towards to top (blue/red) album cover over the bottom (grey/?) album cover. I think this should be a movie too. He’s very hip this Nietzsche.

Life is long + very painful (yeah I got 2 Google Plus notifications NBFD).

Soon this playlist will be populated with 1,776 exclusive music videos and yes I am sorry to have done this to the world.

Not enough Aldo Nova on Tumblr imo.

Here are some photographs I’ve taken recently. You can check out all my photography here and some select shots here. Also, I like listening to videogame music but dislike playing videogames. Currently listening to: Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack. Mood: Jaded.

I used to title all my photos for some reason. I imagine a world where one day people won’t have titles/names. Like wasn’t that a Kurt Vonnegut thing or something? People just had numbers and letters like machines?

Prelim liner notes for LION BOY PARTS I + II

I= EARTH. PEOPLE. CONNECTING. (searching for meaning in concrete reality)
II= SPACE. SELF. SOLITUDE. (letting the cosmic forces of nature take over)


Part 1 of 10. Narrated by Mike. 100 tracks in 4 min.

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